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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Video #Sirte Alledged footage of Muattasim Qadhafi's undergrund bunker (probably in #irte)

Jonas Renz
Alledged footage of Muattasim Qadhafi's undergrund bunker (probably in ) 
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Uploaded by  on Aug 28, 2011
Whole city by the mosque at the top and swimming pool, gardens and maze of underground designed to hide in the war hospital, restaurant, laundry and lounge building objects and bedrooms and living rooms, bathrooms, entrances and exits where the wayfarer is lost .. Etc.
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  • Congratulations to you devastation and destruction at the hands of rebels shame thieves houses and shops .... The next war will be the fiercest among the clients of the Council on the interim chair of government ..
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  • Does not live under the ground, but Hardan, not free men fighting in front under the light of the sun ... shame, shame on the family established in this topic to the U-M debt
  • This is linked monsters Bitla door Azizia monsters and monsters Hanaa Mohammed the whole of the ground
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